Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reading Reaction: August 27

The internet came about similarly as many inventions come about, militarily. Soon after World War II and the creation of the nuclear bomb, the world was a different place. Although the United States was ahead technologically they wanted to continue this trend in case a foreign agresser decided to use such a weapon. In the rare event of another power using the weapon of mass destruction, the United States wanted to ensure their systems would be able to Just as the United States anticipated foreign nations, developed their own form of the weapon. Yet, one power, the Soviet Union, had out paced the efforts of the United States. The Soviet Union in the 1950's launched the first man-made satelite Sputnik, which only made the efforts of pinpointing locations easier, especially for use of war. With the launch of the satelite, the United States was quite surprised and following shortly thereafter NASA launched their own satelite.